An extended sleepover with your funniest friends talking about the dumbest taboo. Kate and the Megs have the perfect report, hilarious banter, and are unapologetically upfront. Also spontaneous song breaks.
— Franifio
This podcast might help me not hate my period. These period-havers are joyfully frank, wonderfully curious, and obviously having a good time.
— monsterhoodie
So nice to hear people talk naturally and unabashedly about the topic!
— haddy ding
These ladies have me laughing all the way to work! Oh and did I mention they sing too! The hilarious period related songs are a must hear! I can’t get enough!
— KayHaaayy
Do you like health education, feminism, and slumber parties? Then this is the podcast for you! The three hosts approach serious and not-so-serious period-related topics with honesty and siliiness.
— erin-sauce
Photo by Claire Rice

Photo by Claire Rice

These 3 women have made having a period something less taboo, and I find myself asking my friends and coworkers about their periods, contraceptive methods, their preference of tampons, pads and menstrual cups. In this day and age, this podcast is exactly what the world needs.
— BeckyS426
Blistener for life. Hilarious and informative. Theme song and parodies are 10/10.